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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Lake Cliff Park




Event Guidelines

1) Set-Up: Day of event check in and set-up for Expo vendors begins at 8:00am on April 15th. All vendors must be set-up by 11:00am on April 15th. The vendor unloading zones will close at 10:30am, so any vendor who is not on site by 10:30am will be required to park and haul their items to their booth location.

2) Assistance: Volunteers will be on hand between 8:00am and 10:30am to assist vendors with hauling your items from the vendor unloading zones to your booth location. If you are late and arrive after 10:30am there will not be assistance available to you.

3) Vehicles are not permitted to be left unattended in the vendor unloading zones. Volunteers will assist you with unlading and taking your items to your booth location. Vehicles should be moved to the vendor parking areas immediately after unloading.

4) Shade structures: To ensure a safe and quality event for our attendees and vendors, NO tarps, camping tents, or guide wires will be permitted. We encourage “easy-up” style shade canopies. Vendors will be located on grass unless otherwise agreed upon.

5) Promotional vehicles: Because of the location of the OCED event, vehicles are NOT allowed in the vendor area. With special permission of OCED organizers, promotional vehicles can be located in other areas of the event, but they will be required to be in place during the entirety of the event and cannot be removed until the conclusion of the event.

6) Attending your booth: Please do not leave your exhibit area unattended. Your exhibit area should be manned at all times.

7) Early tear-down: All exhibits must remain up and intact until 6:00pm. Early tear-downs may result in prohibiting you from participating in future events.

Event Tips

1) Spread the word: If you are exhibiting at this year’s Oak Cliff Earth Day event, spread the word by letting your customers or business associates know they can visit you at the event. You may also want to consider advertising this with a counter display or announcement.

2) Email Notification: Email your customers and invite them to stop by your booth at Oak Cliff Earth Day or put a signature line at the end of your email that says, “Come see me at Oak Cliff Earth Day on April 15th” with a link to the website, www.OakCliffEarthDay.com.

3) Giveaways/Promotions: Coupons, flyers, brochures, business cards and promotional giveaways are always great items to have on hand at Oak Cliff Earth Day. You may consider offering a raffle or door prize giveaway to attract attendees to your exhibit area.

4) Inclement Weather: In case of inclement weather be prepared to re-pack quickly. Bring plastic bags or storage tubs to safeguard your supplies from the elements of harsh weather (i.e. rain, wind, etc.). Vendors will be notified of specific inclement weather procedures on the day of the event but in case of sudden emergency weather situations, vendors are encouraged to use their best judgment and take steps to protect themselves and their belongings.


SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2018